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Diary Pages

Tales from Sandy Bottom

Lundy Island

In this Film we cover 8,000 years of history on the Island

Out Now on DVD & Blu-ray

Victorian Lady Seaweed Collectors

We are in the process of making a film about the underwater forest that surrounds our coasts. We follow the Victorian ladies as they lead the way in identifying the thousand of seaweeds in our seas.  

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Tales from Sandy Bottom the Book and Film

The first book in the series is the”Tale of Julie Jewel Anemone”.

 The book is out now in the shops like Waterstone’s & Amazon also from Stockwell’s Website.

If you would like to buy direct from us see link below.

Hello Kids, I am Dermot the Hermit Crab. I want to tell you about the book.

Hi, I am Crunch, Dermot’s best friend, we have lots a adventures together down in Sandy Bottom. I live in under the rocks in Sandy Bottom.

This is my other friend Sandy the mud runner crab who lives in the mud at Sandy  Bottom.

 In it you will meet some of my friends that live down at Sandy bottom which lies just below the rock pools. We are trying to find the mystery of Julie Jewel Anemone

On our adventure we met  Squatty the squat Lobster who was in is home under a nearby rock.

Squatty told us about Larry the Loster, who is a cousin of Squatty. He was able to  tell us where we could find help for the Jewel Anemones.

We hope you all enjoy reading the story of Tales from Sandy Bottom, and the problems they face in the rock pools

Tales from Sandy Bottom   Book £3.99p plus £1.50p P&P

Tales from Sandy Bottom   Film  £8.00p plus £1.50p P&P