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Tales from Sandy Bottom

Lundy Island

In this Film we cover 8,000 years of history on the Island

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“Margaret Gatty”  Life & times of a victorian lady collector

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Out now on  DVD & Blu-ray

Greetings Cards

We have a small range of Greetings Cards, with a short description on the back of each card. Sold in packs of eight for  £5.00p  a pack

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Dahlia Anemone These Beautiful anemones can be found from the lower shore down to deeper water all around the British coast.Any colour, up to 20 cm's in diameter. Cyanea Lamarckii One of the many jellyfish found in  British waters. Blue-white bell, with long tentacles many meters long. Small fish shelter in these tentacles. Sun-star One of the many beautiful starfish living around the British Isles. 25 cm in diameter, brown, red, yellow and white markings. Ballan Wrasse Beautiful wrasse found around rocks and Kelp beds of the entire British coast. Growing to 40 cm, colour depends o age, emerald green when young. Basking Shark Twelve meters in length, weighing up to 7 tons, is the world’s second largest fish. Grey Seals One of the two breeding species of seals found around the  UK coast. There are about eighty seals living around Lundy Island. Parazoanthus  Axinelle Beautiful colonial anemone which is related to the stony corals. Found all around the British Isles. Large clumps of gold & yellow polyps on rock faces. Sagartia elegans These sea anemones colour can varies from reds to yellows to brown and green, from rock pools to wrecks. All around the British coast.