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Tales from Sandy Bottom

Lundy Island

In this Film we cover 8,000 years of history on the Island

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“Margaret Gatty”  Life & times of a victorian lady collector

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Out now on  DVD & Blu-ray

The film of Tales from Sandy Bottom

15th may

After the long winter we have  finally started filming the series. A couple of days at Babbacombe has found some good characters, over in west Wales  there was a lot of small dogfish that were quite accessible, and a loads of spider crabs that will fit into the story board. Also found a nice small canyon ½ meter wide 5 meters deep that will fit into the quest.

Down in Cornwall for a few days after west Wales, on the Manacles and the Halford river produced some good footage, especially on Vase Rock, some beautiful Jewel anemones and Plumose anemone.

We are still looking for some good rock pools for the start of the series, they need to be near to Bristol.

The script for the first one “ Who stole the jewels from the Jewel Anemones” is quite fluid changing with the animals that we are filming   

Almost on weekly visit  down to Babbacombe in June,  start to record the characters voices soon, Some nice clips for Dermit the Hermit Crab character.  


Oct has seen a big push on the Jewel Anemone film, near all the the voice overs have been done and the time line is growing 5.5mins at the moment. We think the second film will be about a Dog Fish.


Editing on the film is going great, a few changes to the script. The software from Edius is really speeding up the editing.Hoping to have the Jewel Anemone finished by the end of the year.

Starting on the next film in the series about a Dog-fish called Donald, writing the script at the moment. We are looking for new voices for the parts!


Showed the finished film over Christmas to some children, had some good comments back, rewriting the story to make it a bit more complexes.   


Starting to re-record the voiceover’s for Julie Jewels, Have changed the beginning of the film, intend to start with the narrator  introducing the  main characters. Before the film starts, intend to do this on all the series. Have had the Piano music recorded now, will change some of it on the time line as its not as fast as the CD.

Finished writing the “Tale of Donald the Spotty Dogfish”. Going to record all of the voice overs for both the story in one go with the narrators. Looking at the rock pool footage that I have it looks like I am going to need a bit more for the changes to the beginning


The trips down at Babbacombe gave me some useable footage, particularly the rubbish clips.

Have a rethink over the music , I am using a music program to write and play the  music so I can vary the speed of the music in the films. Have got some good footage of Dogfish  from West Wales. About ¾  of the way though Julie Jewels, hope to finish it by the beginning of June. Miranda Krestovnikoff has told me of a Children’s Film Festival in Bristol  that I could Show Case  Sandy Bottom.

Re-record some of the voice-overs for Donald the Spotty Dogfish.  

To take you  up to date , We finished the  Film  but haven’t  had much luck  with the TV channels,  it still needs a bit of wwork doing to it  although I have sold a few copies. So with the book coming out in the Autumn  and some good reviews from the children who have bought the film  I add it to the DVD list.