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Tales from Sandy Bottom

Lundy Island

In this Film we cover 8,000 years of history on the Island

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“Margaret Gatty”  Life & times of a victorian lady collector

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The BBC One Show

It was back in March the One show got in touch with me. After a few trips to the Studios in Bristol we came up with a plan for the 4 minute film.

Nick the director was having a problem getting the scripts passed with the legal people in London, we wanted to do a piece on how the Pot fisherman were fishing the Cuttlefish out of the Bay. But with no scientific proof to prove this we had to drop it. The potman are saying that their takes our not going down. So that’s alright, despite that you never see the numbers of Cuttlefish in the Bay like a few years ago.

The filming was due to start at the beginning of April for two days but because of the lack of Cuttlefish it was put off until the end of April.

On the first day I was trying out the full face mask but it wouldn’t fit very well so we had to abandon that and go for the half mask, which meant that I wouldn’t be able to speak to Miranda underwater.  Mean while the Cameraman “Johnny”  set about trying to find some Cuttlefish to film. In the end he had to do with the ones in the pot, again rewriting the script.

Miranda come down in the afternoon and they set about filming myself and Miranda  at the Pots. The visibility was very poor with five divers around the pot, I was impressed  with what Johnny got out of the camera. The good thing about not finding any free swimming Cuttlefish was that they had to buy the clips from me (ching ching). The second day was spent on the beach, then on the boat and a few dives to finish off. It was a few long days working into the evening to see that every thing had been covered. I take my hat off to how hard they work at the Beeb.

Here is the link to the clip On the BBC Nature History unit         Click Here